Dear Brown Act Advocate readers, thanks for being patient while we developed a new site for this important cause.  The good news is that the re-brand and site re-design has been completed.  Please make sure to update your links to this site as the old blogger site has been deleted.

Launching this new site is a milestone in itself.  Operating off of no funding, I took advantage of a few volunteers to help me build this new site.  All volunteers came from our members list.  I would like to thank Kevin H. from Eureka, CA as well as Melissa R. from San Jose, CA as they were awesome enough to provide their services to get this project completed.  If you guys like their work, please send me an email and i will be more than happy to provide their info to you (members only, of course).

I’m thinking about uploading my historical posts from my blogger to here but I have not made a decision on it yet.  A lot of it are past investigations and/or news that are no longer relevant to 2017.  I feel like maybe starting on a new slate would be good.  Let me know what you think.  Will my historical posts provide value to the general public (even closed cases)?

If you guys have any recommendations on additional features to add on to this site, send me an email.  Greatly appreciated everyone!

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Brown Act violation allegation dismissed by City of Morro Bay

With a two-page letter the city of Morro Bay waved away accusations of a Brown Act violation regarding its water reclamation facility.

Idyllwild Town Crier points out possible Brown Act violations in Water District board meeting

Two Brown Act violations occurred at that meeting. (California’s open-meeting law is called the Ralph M. Brown Act.)

D.A.’s office says Burbank Hospitality Association violated Brown Act

LA County DA’s office determined that the Burbank Hospitality Assn. violated the Brown Act back in Sept when it donated money to the Committee for Yes vote.

LA Times reports on alleged Kern County/Bakersfield Assn. of Realtors Brown Act violation

The Bakersfield Association of Realtors asked Kern County and Bakersfield officials to kill PACE and votes were given before a public hearing was done.

Allegations of Brown Act violations plague relationship between Alpine Planning Group and Lou Russo

The Alpine Community Planning Group (ACPG) voted at its meeting last week to censure member Lou Russo for violation of the Group’s code of ethics.

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